March 14 2019

‘Sustainable’ Pope Hosts Ecumenical Summit to Promote UN Agenda 2030

The Patron Saint of the environment promotes next level Green Gospel By Alex Newman Pope Francis and the Vatican just…

The Patron Saint of the environment promotes next level Green Gospel

By Alex Newman

Pope Francis and the Vatican just hosted an international conference for religious leaders to promote the United Nations Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, a controversial UN road-map for global technocracy.

“Three and a half years since the adoption of the sustainable development goals, we must be even more acutely aware of the importance of accelerating and adapting our actions in responding adequately to both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor,” said the pope.

The pope, who has been a key booster of UN Agenda 2030 and the sustainable development agenda, recently blessed efforts of the “World Government Summit” to advance the scheme.

Before that, Francis also just signed a highly controversial agreement with the top Sunni Muslim imam calling for all religions to enter into an “Ark of Fraternity” together.

Speaking at the latest Vatican summit, Francis called for “promoting and implementing the development goals that are supported by our deepest religious and ethical values.”

“I encourage you to continue the fight for that change which present circumstances demand, because the injustice that brings tears to our world and to its poor is not invincible,” the pope added.

The ecumenical summit, which began on March 7 and ran through March 9, brought together hundreds of religious leaders from around the world all united behind the UN plan.

It all took place under the banner: “Religions and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals): Listening to the cries of the earth and of the poor.”

UN Agenda 2030 calls for, among other global policies, national and international wealth redistribution, sharing of wealth, the indoctrination of all children into the UN’s “sustainable development” ideology, and much more.

It is basically a road map to a global technocratic government that would eliminate national sovereignty, free markets, and Western Christian civilization.

The mass-murdering dictatorship enslaving mainland China boasted in its propaganda organs that it played a “crucial role” in developing the UN plan, which UN leaders described as a “masterplan for humanity.”

Lutheran World Federation General Secretary Rev. Martin Junge, one of many key figures involved, urged religious leaders gathered at the summit to play a larger role promoting and implementing the UN scheme.

He also praised the pope, saying that without his efforts, the UN Paris Agreement on “climate change” would not have been possible.

Pope Francis is clearly a committed globalist who is playing a lead role in selling the UN’s agenda to humanity.

The prophetic implications of this are clear. Read your Bible for more.

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