March 6- Dr. Kent Hovind-Live From Federal Prison

Dr. Kent Hovind live from federal prison during his new trial in Florida.Imprisoned evangelist Kent Hovind, a well-known preacher and advocate of biblical creationism who has been behind bars for 100 months on tax and “structuring” charges, is on trial once again this week, with the federal government now pushing to have him locked up for life on charges of “mail fraud” and “contempt of court.” Many people believe this is a flagrant case of persecution because of his preaching, teaching and firm stance on the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  PLEASE JOIN US IN FASTING AND PRAYER ON MARCH 11, 2015. WE ARE PLANNING A 'PHONE BOMB' ALL NEXT WEEK TO THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. DETAILS POSTED HERE ON MONDAY.KENTS MAIN WEBSITERudy Davis -Case Spokesperson -Updates 

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