March 10-Actor Mel Novak

Actor Mel Novak is a a native of Pittsburgh, he was an outstanding athlete in several sports and passed up 60 football scholarship offers and signed a pro baseball contract with the Pirates. His career was cut short by a massive rotator cuff injury.  Mel has starred in 27 Hollywood movies and he did all his own fighting and stunts. He shot and fought Bruce Lee to the death in GAME OF DEATH, beat up Steve McQueen, dueled Yul Brynner, and battled Chuck Norris in an EYE FOR AN EYE. Mel is a dedicated Soldier for Christ, an Ordained Minister called by God to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and for the past thirty-one years, Mel has faithfully ministered on skid row, in the chapel services at the missions, and in penitentiaries from San Quentin to Pelican Bay and all around the USA.

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