Feb 8- Sheila Needs Your Help

I really do need your help before the clock runs out... let me explain.I recently invested in an expensive app as my listeners asked for it.  Concurrent to that many of my recurring donations were cancelled after 2 short months. On going fiancial support is a continued issue. In addition I have received many complaints that my sound is a very real issue. Guests are too loud, etc. I am in great need of purchasing upgraded & new equipment to address these continued sound issues. I have received several estimates to resolve these issues and my target is $8,200. This includes exceeding my podcasting bandwith which requires an $800 dollar premium account upgrade.I am asking for your help. I really need financial support. Until these issues are resolved I have no choice but to place the show on hold. I feel this is my calling and I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't believe in getting the truth out there especially due to the lateness of the hour...Click here to DONATE TODAY >>Please, can I count on you to respond right away? Any amount helps, and I need every last bit of support I can get.If you've already donated, thank you. I wish I didn't have to ask... but as one of my most trusted supporters, can I count on you to make the most of this opportunity and donate again? Your action will give me the momentum I need to keep the broadcast airing.You can save the show with a gift as little as little as $5 >>Bless you,Sheila Zilinsky

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