July 12: The Weekend Vigilante: Steve Quayle & Pastor David Lankford

Saturday, July 12, 2014: Wickedness approaches with the lateness of the hour as Bible-believing Christians – true followers of Jesus Christ are under all out attack. Now, the attacks are coming from within the Church!CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVEPastor David Lankford and Steve Quayle will clearly illustrate how today’s headlines and news accounts are following the prophecies and predictions of the prophets and prophecies of the Holy Bible. Two ideological and theological camps are clearly emerging within the Christian church itself: those who understand, adhere and proselytize the true Word of God without apology, and those who preach a modified version of the Word that, at its core, is actually antithetical to the true teachings of Jesus. With which theological ideology are you most closely aligned? Your church? Your minister?Join Sheila Zilinski, the Weekend Vigilante, as she hosts The Hagmann & Hagmann Weekend Report, where forces are combined and exponentially increased by the merging of two powerful broadcasts that are working together to bring listeners the truth about what’s really happening in America and across the world.Tonight, Pastor Lankford of The Voice of Evangelism, and Steve Quayle, radio host, author and researcher light up the airwaves during the first two hours of this three-hour weekend report.CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE 

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